Sunday, July 27, 2008

Boston Trip (day 1 & 2)

Boston was awesome. It was a long drive (13.5 hours from Columbus, OH) ... good thing we left from Columbus and going back to Columbus at night (so Jon slept 90 % of the trip). We left Monday night and got back in Columbus by Friday morning. The trip itself left me a desire to comeback and spend more time in New England area.

Monday night (7/21): leaving Columbus

Tuesday (7/22):
breakfast! We stopped for breakfast. We were looking for an IHOP, because my niece was craving for it ... but it was not open when we got there (during breakfast time - like 8am). So the other option was Cracker Barrel - since hungriness was eating our souls, Cracker Barrel it is ...

Arrived in Boston around 10am, went straight to our cousins apartment. Helen's aunt cooked some killer Indonesian food for lunch! With full stomach we headed off Harvard Square. Jon & John Harvard Jon did not want to be photograph with John Harvard (he said he liked Brutus better - good answer!) - but he had an excellent time chasing squirrels (apparently squirrels in Harvard are friendlier to human than ones in Columbus). Took some pictures here and there with some old buildings ... and next destination is ... ice cream @ Newbury St. PJ Licks!

But first, our our way back to the car, Jon fell down on and literally kissed the concrete, got blood gushing out of his lips and into his mouth, his nose also bleed. I carried him in my arms (he was crying, obviously ...) while wiping tears and blood out of his face and chin. Turns out it was not that bad, all teeth were still intact, only busted lips. Jon fell asleep in the car to Newbury and we just put him in the stroller while we were there (he pretty much asleep for the whole walking around in Newbury - about 1.5 hours).

Newbury St.Newbury St was awesome. We could have spent the whole day just walking around in Newbury St. But our destination was JP Licks ... an ice cream joint - just perfect for the weather. With Jon sleeping on the stroller, we walked and walked and walked ... the ice cream joint was 7 blocks away from where we parked (about 1-1.5 miles), but since parking is precious on Newbury St., so we accepted the consequence of walking.

I never knew that Paris also has a "Madura" - it is an island north east of Java, Indonesia.

after dinnerLegal Seafood for dinner ... Legal Seafood is a staple of Boston dining experience for seafood. Just 3 blocks away from JP Licks, we went there directly. It was excellent seafood ... we had plenty of food and kept sampling each others' food. After dinner Jon and I went for a walk in the mall (while everybody else was having desert). That was it for Tuesday ... we called it a day and went home ...

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