Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boston Trip (day 3)

Wednesday (7/23):
After a well needed sleep and rest (after the long 13 hours drive), we woke up and headed off to Portland, Maine on Wednesday. Stop by at the Lighthouse and had lunch @ Flatbread Co. We thought it was seafood related flatbread/pizza, turns out just a brick oven pizza with NO seafood!!

lighthouseThe lighthouse was awesome. It is somehow related to the "Perfect Storm" (also a movie by the same name/title). The weather was cloudy with some breeze, good enough for photography. I bracketed some shots for HDR and reached a borrowed Nikon F5 for a slide shot, but it was not working. Got an "ERR" message on the display. Crap! Must go full digital for the rest of the trip - I guess it was not that bad - my Nikon D80 is reliable. Put my SB-600 on and got some people shots with balanced (not blown out sky and properly lighted subject).

O well ... it was starting to rain and we were hungry - so we are off looking for places to eat - "Flatbread". Even though it was just a regular brick oven pizza place, but the pizza was excellent. flatbreadJon had a good time looking at the brick oven and comparing it to my smoker/grill (not in the same league) - and walking out in the deck, where there were boats and birds.

We took a stroll on the same street as the restaurant, going in shops etc and we left Portland around 4pm, promising our cousins that we'll be back in Boston by around 6pm. Goof around at home (and let Jon plays Guitar Hero) and resting before heading off to dinner.jon and guitar hero

For dinner, we went to Union Oyster House for more seafood! We ordered a combination plate filled with scallops, shrimp, crabs, lobster, and fish on top of rice pillaf. It was great! But ... there were no refills for sodas (bummer =( ). Union Oyster House is one of the oldest restaurant in Boston, filled with history, and of course - excellent food. The place was packed - and we were there closer to 8pm, so it was past normal dinner time - but still filled with people. I stopped by Hard Rock Cafe on our way home and got my shirt and bought one for Jon and Helen as well.

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