Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boston Trip (day 4 & 5)

Helen's sister and her family went to Nantucket island and spending the night there - and we decided to go home to Columbus Thursday evening, but we wanted to spend some time in Boston before leaving.back in ohio

Thursday (7/24):
Hearty breakfast @ home with Helen's aunt's homecooking (yummy ...) started our day. We were planning to go to MIT campus and spend the rest of day @ Quincy market area. I plotted our course through Google map and copy them down on paper - all was good to go. I was driving and we took 1 right turn too soon (Boston street name signs are not the best) and we ended up in Newbury St. again.

After deliberation, we decided to stop and walk along Newbury St. again ... since last time we missed some good spots and Mom's birthday was coming. As parking was quite difficult, after circling Newbury for 4 times, we found a spot for our car and started our birthday gift searching. Jon fell asleep in the car during the parking spot hunt. Within half an hour into our nice sunny day walk, suddenly it got dark quickly and started pouring rain ... we ran back to our car all soaking wet - Jon was not because he was in the stroller with the cover on - o well. My camera was poured on - worried me a bit - but it was ok.

quincy market Somehow with all these madness and damp, we wanted to march on to go to Quincy market - so off we go - with spotty direction nonetheless. Needless to say, we were lost for about an hour (it was pouring hard too during that time). Phone call here and there to Helen's cousin and SMS to Google to get directions, and finally we got into our destination - Quincy market. The rain stopped and we had a nice lunch at the food court, window shopping, and got Mom's birthday present. We went back to Helen's cousins apartment to take an afternoon nap and rest before the long drive home after dinner.

For dinner we went to a restaurant called "Bernard's" - a chinese food restaurant in Boston's suburb. One of the food that we order was a a deep fried sea bass with some kind of spicy sauce - it was awesome! Gotta look that restaurant up again next time we are in the area.

Helen and I cannot thank Helen's aunt enough and her cousins for their generosity in allowing us to invade their apartment for several days and showing extended hospitality toward our family. We finally took off from Boston around 10pm EST ... to the west ... o well - midwest!!

Friday (7/25):
After a looooong drive, we finally got back in Ohio. We stopped by Cleveland (around 8:30am) and planning to go to a Chinese restaurant called "Li Wah" to get dim sum. But it was not open until 10am (crap ...) so we continued on and stopped @ Bob Evans to get breakfast before going into Columbus. Home sweet home ...

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