Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mowbol Weekly: Using Corona (AWH's sister company), a company that focuses on mobile development recently did a series of videos about mobile platform. The last one was particularly interesting as it discussed using Corona to build a code once publish for both Android & iOS.

Chris Slee talks about Corona and the new Mowbol channel framework from

So if you need to get into the app store fast on Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, we need to talk.

You can go to mowbol's website here:
Mowbol also has a Youtube channel under mowboldotcom:
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Performance Tips (LINQ to SQL)

One part of the application that I am working on is performing poorly. According to the performance measurement that I get from using EQATEC profiler, it takes 3-4 seconds to load this page.

Since this is a web application, so I made sure all the IIS/non-application performance enhancements are in place:

  • IIS compression are turned on
  • Javascript files are combined and compressed
  • CSS files are combined and compressed
  • Images, scripts, and CSS files are cached
  • Conforming to YUI rules & Google PageSpeed performance rules
Setting all those boost some performance in my application - not really that noticeable in normal usage. It cut down about 0.5 seconds or about 13% or my load time. So now we are in 2.8-3.5 seconds range. So what else?

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