Sunday, June 19, 2011

Using Dapper.NET to Boost DAL Performance

Lately, my focus has been to optimize and increase the performance of our web-application. This, of course, includes load time and speed - among other things. There are a lot of performance enhancements that we can do to speed up our load time, from the UI stack (javascript loading, CDN, minimization, etc), DB stack (indexing, query caching, stored procs, etc), application/biz layer stack (algorithm optimizations, data storage, caching, etc).

Now, our web-app is using Linq-to-SQL as our DAL and since a year ago, we have been doing several things to speed up our DAL - by using compiled queries, creating stored procs, views, etc. One of the tools or library that I have been using to boost DAL performance is Dapper.NET.

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