Monday, March 16, 2009

Not on The Menu: Quesadilla at Chipotle

Last night I went to Chipotle for dinner with my wife and son. There were like 5 or 6 people a head of me in the line - so I took my time to ponder what I want to order.

When it was about just 2 more person ahead of me, I saw the lady behind the counter did something I have never seen before in Chipotle - she put cheese on the tortilla then fold it and put it on the tortilla press/warmer.

Then the next guy - the guy who is directly in front of me - said something like this "Same thing - chicken quesadilla." After hearing that, I reread the menu on the big board again and again and again - and I was pretty sure that quesadilla was not on the menu.

So now, it was my turn to order, I ordered my half chicken and half carnitas salad and then I said, "Can I have a small cheese quesadilla for my son?" As I was expected, the lady said, "Sure. Just cheese?" and I replied back "Yes, just cheese."

As I walked down and selected my choices of salsa, sour cream, and cheese, I glanced back at the menu trying to find the word "quesadilla" - but it was nowhere to be found. Then at the cashier register, the cashier lady punched the buttons and I briefly saw that there was an entry for my small chicken quesadilla - it was also in the receipt - for $1.00. I am not sure how much the big quesadilla is or if you add meat to it.

So there you go, Chipotle has quesadilla - btw the small cheese quesadilla is great for kids!

Some Chipotle tips & tricks:
1. If you are getting a carry out, order online!
2. Instead of getting a fajita wrap, get a fajita bol WITH tortilla on the side. On the bowl, you can get extra stuff without the fear of tearing your tortilla. Plus it is not as messy and easier to bring home if you cannot finish it.
3. You can get half & half meat. So you can get chicken & steak or steak and carnitas, etc. They will charge you for the higher price ($0.50 difference I think between chicken and steak/carnitas).
4. You can get more than one type of salsa. So get corn salsa AND verde AND the hot salsa if you want - or nay combination thereof.
5. If you are ordering a salad and feel that it is kinda small - so add stuff to it (but no beans or rice). I usually add onions/peppers and salsa combination.


[tommy] said...

Great post. Now I have a craving for Chipotle Quesadilla's...

Anonymous said...

Another Chipotle secret... Ask for the "double wrapped burrito". They use 2 tortillas and usually scale up the portions of beans, meat and rice. Same price as a regular burrito but can EASILY turn in to 2 or 3 full meals. GREAT for the starving college student.