Sunday, March 15, 2009

ASP.NET Lightweight Automation Framework - Overview (1/3)

ASP.NET QA Team released the Lightweight Automation Framework on mid Feb 2009 - and I have been using it to test the project I am working on (an ASP.NET MVC project). Suffice to say that I am thrilled and having fun with it (and actually caught some bugs because of it!!).

In this post I will outline the basic of Lightweight Automation Framework (LAF) and in the following posts I will put some sample code, quirks, how to, etc.

What is Lightweight Automation Framework?
LAF is an internal test tool that ASP.NET QA team use to do regression testing on ASP.NET feature. Remember that it is a tool, so you still have to build your tests, but this framework allows you to build and run or do your tests easily and in a more comprehensive manner - and most importantly, it is automated.

How does LAF differs from regular unit test or other test project such as MVC controller tests?
LAF is a regression test tool - so it suppose to test the web application from user's perspective. This would be the tool to use to implement all your use-case scenarios testing. So the scope is much larger compared to unit test.

Another thing that we will see is that LAF actually runs as within an ASP.NET application - instead of just running/executing code. LAF will actually read and manipulate the DOM in the browser (you can run in IE, FF, Safari or Opera). So when you run a typical test in LAF, it will look like someone is running the web application in a browser and clicking this, entering data, etc etc.

This is something wonderful with LAF, since what used to be tedious and hard to be done - end user testing - now can be automated (by code).

Where can I get it?
You can download the source code in its codeplex page as well as read further about it.

ASP.NET QA Team also has a blog here.

- Part 2: List, Paging, Sorting
- Part 3: Add, Edit, Delete

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