Saturday, February 14, 2009

Future Quarterback?

Once sport that Jon was exposed to since early on is football. He basically grew up knowing that Ohio State is THE team in football and yelling "O-H" "I-O" is something considered to be much more precious than "da-da". His first ball is an Ohio State football and his first jacket is an OSU jacket.

Anyway, I took some pictures of him playing with buddy Andrew on Monday - and surprisingly he could hold the football correctly (most of the time) and threw some spiral several times.

So here are some pictures:

Call plays and reading defense ....

Ball is snapped ...

Fake pump to the right!

It's a Quarterback Draw!

He runs and he scores!!! Touchdown!!!


marron-chauds said...

cieh, jon !! go bucks!

ZuzuZavi said...

hahaha.... nice pics.. future qb indeed!!