Tuesday, February 9, 2010

GeoDocs Reborn, version 8.0 Released!

After a long overdue, GeoDocs 8 was released by AWH on December 2009 (this blog post is late). Last month, GeoDocs revamped its website using the new version, new look and feel, and faster!

In a collaboration with Nationwide Children's Hospital, they became the first client to upgrade to the new version.

GeoDocs was also recognized as a semi-finalist for the 2009 TechColumbus Innovation Awards! GeoDocs was nominated in the category of 'Outstanding Product, Fewer than 50 Employees'.

So what makes GeoDocs 8 to be better than its predecessor?

There are a lot of reasons why GeoDocs 8 is better, as far as the technical aspects - here are some of them:
  • Running on .NET framework 3.5 (GD 7 was running on .NET 1.1)
  • The UI has been rebuilt from scratch using ASP.NET MVC
  • SEO friendly URL
  • AJAX integration with jQuery and jQuery UI
  • Better and cleaner integration with Google Mini/Search Appliance
  • Cleaner code base that enhance development experience
Now if you are a user, here are the benefits of GD 8:
  • Much, much, much faster - and can be faster still depending on you configuration
  • AJAX means better user experience:

    • Less screen refresh to load/reload data
    • Faster feedback in returning on-demand data
    • Nice and unobtrusive animations/cues for user actions
    • Faster and friendlier editing panel (Web View Editor)
    • More robust WYSIWYG editor
  • SEO friendly URL, means nice looking URL and easily crawled by search engine
  • If you are developing your own custom templates/look & feel - it will be much easier
This does not mean that we are removing all the good features and functionality that GD 7 has, GD 8 still has them, but better! GeoDocs since version 7 has boasted robust feature such as:
  • Manage multiple website authors, provide workflow and security
  • Help you manage your graphical brand and optimize navigation and layout
  • Provide secure, granular access and information to defined users
  • Customizable content types that will suit your needs
  • Excellent and popular modules such as Form Builder & Calendar will continue to be supported and enhanced
GeoDocs is a product created and maintained by the Allen, Williams & Hughes Company, or AWH.

You can follow GeoDocs on twitter and on facebook.

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