Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to hide/show Table Rows with jQuery

With jQuery, hiding and showing DOM elements are easy. But, one thing that I find a little bit challenging is hiding table row(s). Hiding and showing DIVs are easy:

function togglePanel(id) {
var viewContainer = $(id);

Or you can use show() and hide() or fadeIn() and fadeOut(). With our corresponding HTML:
<a href="javascript:togglePanel('#myDiv')">Toggle</a>
<div id="myDiv">Hello World</div>

Now what if we are using TABLE instead of DIV??

Easy - Use TBODY tag. Here is an example using TABLE:
<table id=anothersortable>
<tbody id=row01 class=content>
<tbody id=row02 class=content>
<a href="javascript:togglePanelMore('#row01', '#togglerow01')"      id="togglerow01">less</a> for row01

Then our jQuery to be as such:
function togglePanelMore(id, source) {
var viewContainer = $(id);

if ($(source).html() == "more") {
else {

IE 7 Quirks
In IE 8, you can refer to the TR directly without TBODY, like this:
<table id=anothersortable>
<tr id=row01><td>one</td></tr>
<tr id=row01><td>two</td></tr>
<a href="javascript:togglePanelMore('#row01', '#togglerow01')"
id="togglerow01">less</a> for row01
But for some reason, it is not reliably working in IE7.

Also, in IE7, putting speed inside the hide()/show() into becoming like hide('slow') won't work.

Here is a small demo.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't work. ".hide()" object doesn't support this method...

Joe said...

Can you be more specifi on what did not work for you? Here is a small demo -

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. Very useful!

Bird said...

How do I control use dropdown menu instead?

Johannes Setiabudi said...

@Bird I am not sure what you meant - can you elaborate your question a little bit?

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