Wednesday, May 6, 2009

VMWare Server 2.0 Troubleshooting

Yesterday, my VMWare Server stops working. It did not give me the login screen - so I thought maybe I just need to restart the host agent service under Services. I wrote a post about this here.

So I went to Services, found that the host agent is stopped and I restarted it. Then I got this error:

Aaaarrrrgggh!!! So anyway - I went around, googled it, read the logs, etc etc, and resolved it.

In my case the error was cause by a malformed XML file for VMWare configuration. The XML in my Win XP host is located at "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware Server\hostd".

I am guessing that when I installed VMWare, I probably chose "allow all users to use it" - and if you picked "allow only me", the xml files probably will reside under your username instead of under "all users".

So what I did was just opening the XML file one by one with an XML editor (I used Visual Studio) until I found the culprit XML file - which in my case was the datastores.xml - then fixed the tags and save.

Then via Services, I restarted the host agent service.

Voila! It works!

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