Monday, November 10, 2008

The Deli Boys

I have been working from a downtown location for more than a year. Located on High St., nearby the arena, I have plenty of lunch option everyday. When I started working here, my supervisor hooked me up to this sandwich place called "The Deli Boys". Ever since then, just like a sandwich addict, I keep coming back - at least once or twice a week.

The Deli Boys have been there since early 2006 - located @ 2 E Long St., Columbus, OH - 43215. Their phone number is 614-621-1444. You can call ahead for carry out order or for catering order.

The price is pretty good - ranging from $3.75 for an Italian sausage on a hoagie to $5.50 "Heavy-weight" - a big all meat hoagie sandwich. They also have some basic salad menu, thin pizzas, and soups/chili. You can get a combo with chips and soda - which they serve Pepsi products. There is a daily special everyday - and so far the best special for me is the portabella chicken sandwich.

After a while, they will get you know you (they take your name on every order) - which shows an honorable degree of hospitality. Overall, combined with their charming hospitality - their sandwich is also great, toasted perfectly every time and hand delivered to your table as soon as they are ready!

My favorite menu item is the "Chicken Philly" sandwich. It got a good amount of jalapeno peppers, delicious grilled chicken breast, bell peppers, cheese, and mayo. Combined with a side of Jalapeno chips - it gives you plenty of heat to keep you awake for the rest of the afternoon. The bun is toasted perfectly every time, fresh lettuce, peppers, and melting cheese - yuuuummmmyyy! Their thin pizza is also good - if you are into thin pizzas.

If I am not mistaken, now they also have cup cakes everyday. It used to be on some special days - but it is everyday now. Good cupcakes with nice icing! Also available is frozen yogurt - the lemonade flavor is awesome.

I have tried every single sandwich menu available @ The Deli Boys as well as their pizza menu - and I like all of them (I like some better than others - like the chicken philly) - but the point is that I have never had a bad lunch there. Well, if you are in the area, check them out - they are open @ 7am, M-F.

The Deli Boys
Monday - Friday @ 7am
2 E Long St.
Columbus, OH - 43215

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